New Routes to Ticket To Ride
(This is actually a computing project, even though it might seem like an unlikely one.)

Ticket To Ride Europe is a board game, where players try to build tracks between destinations marked in randomly-picked destination cards. The problem is that there are only 46 destination cards and after playing for a while you start to remember all of these.

The solution to the problem is to generate new destination cards with all possible routes. Generating them by hand would take forever, and generating them with a computer has the problem that you have to calculate the shortest possible distance between the two cities on the destination to determine the amount of points the destination is worth.

I solved this problem with a Python-script that reads the map data from a file and generates all possible routes in the game, so here you go:

All possible routes on Ticket To Ride Europe, longer than 4 cars and not including single-hop routes.

You can generate the routes for other Ticket To Ride -games, and solve other shortest-distance problems too. Just input the graph data following the example and run the script.