This site is from a time when people still had personal websites, and the age shows I guess. The website is not actively maintained anymore, thus any information presented here might be outdated.

Welcome to my website. This page is mostly just about the research work I did during my computer science (or Mathematical Information Technology as the university calls it) studies and about some hobby projects, so if you want to know more, just drop me an email. You can find the address in my electronic business card. ;)

Electronic business card



New routes for Ticket To Ride (01/2007)
USB oscilloscope (1/2007)
USB moodlight (12/2006)
Intelligently adjusting the CPU fan speed (07/2006)
Alarm clock for a PC (07/2006)
Measure distances on Google Maps (06/2006)
Hybrid Google Maps for Maemo Mapper (05/2006)
Automatically geotag your photos (03/2006)
PlayControl (winter 2002-2003)
Guardian (Autumn 2002)

These are in finnish:
Build a personal video recorder using Linux (.pdf, 05/2006) Slides from presentation at a LDD.
Remote Flower Watering System (Summer 2002)
Controlling a computer using real-time video (Spring 2002)

P2P Research Group (This isn't really my project, I have just worked there since the beginning of 2003 while doing my CS studies)

It might look like I haven't done anything between 2002 and 2006, but that's not completely true. I have just been too lazy to write about them :) Actually I have done several interesting projects using Ethernut, RCM3000, Microchip PICs, MythTV and the information from "Multiple local XFree users under Linux" and "Linux on TV". Maybe I'll write something about them someday...


Title Authors Presented at Download
Intelligent home with a student's budget (written in finnish) Kotilainen N., Hastrup T. Geek seminar 2002
Jyväskylä, Finland
Paper (.pdf), Slides (.pdf)
Short Range Wireless P2P for Co-operative Learning Kurhinen J., Vapa M., Weber M., Kotilainen N., Vuori J. ICETA 2004
Kosice, Slovakia
Resource Discovery in P2P Networks Using Evolutionary Neural Networks Vapa M., Kotilainen N., Auvinen A., Kainulainen H., Vuori J. AISTA 2004
Paper (.pdf), Slides (.ppt)
Mobile Chedar — A Peer-to-Peer Middleware for Mobile Devices Kotilainen N., Weber M., Vapa M., Vuori J. Percom 2005 / MP2P
Kauai, Hawaii, USA
(Also presented this at the Berkeley ID)
Paper (.pdf), Slides (.ppt)
P2PDisCo — Java Distributed Computing for Workstations Using Chedar Peer-to-Peer Middleware Kotilainen N., Vapa M., Weber M., Töyrylä J., Vuori J. IPDPS 2005 / JAVAPDC
Denver, Colorado, USA
Paper (.pdf), Slides (.ppt)
Chedar: Peer-to-Peer Middleware Auvinen A., Vapa M., Weber M., Kotilainen N., Vuori J. IPDPS 2006 / JAVAPDC
Rhodes Island, Greece
Paper (.pdf), Slides (.ppt)
P2PRealm — Peer-to-Peer Network Simulator Kotilainen N., Vapa M., Keltanen T., Auvinen A., Vuori J. CAMAD 2006
Trento, Italy
Paper (.pdf), Slides (.ppt)
P2PStudio — Monitoring, Controlling and Visualization Tool for Peer-to-Peer Networks Research Kotilainen N., Vapa M., Auvinen A., Weber M, Vuori J. MSWIM 2006 / PM2HW2N
Torremolinos, Spain
Paper (.pdf), Slides (.ppt)
An Adaptive Global-Local Memetic Algorithm to Discover Resources in P2P Networks Neri F., Kotilainen N., Vapa M. Applications of Evolutionary Computing, Springer, 2007. Paper (.pdf)
New Topology Management Algorithms for Unstructured P2P Networks Auvinen A., Vapa M., Weber M., Kotilainen N., Vuori J. P2PSA 2007 Paper (.pdf), Slides (.ppt)
A Memetic-Neural Approach to Discover Resources in P2P Networks Neri F., Kotilainen N., Vapa M. Recent Advances in Evolutionary Computation for Combinatorial Optimization, Springer 2008 Paper (.pdf), References (.pdf)
Mobile Search — Social Network Search Using Mobile Devices Tiago P., Kotilainen N., Kokkinen H., Nurminen J., Vapa M. IEEE P2P HD 2008 Paper (.pdf), Slides (.ppt)
Mobile Encounter Networks and Their Applications Volovikov O., Juonoja T., Weber M., Kotilainen N., Vapa M. IEEE P2P HD 2008 Paper (.pdf), Slides (.ppt)
Location-Based Media Sharing in a MP2P Network Kotilainen N., Kriara L., Vandikas K., Mastorakis K., Papadopouli M. Mobile Computing and Communications Review, ACM 2008 Paper (.pdf)
Optimal Resource Discovery Paths of Gnutella2 Vapa M., Auvinen A., Ivanchenko Y., Kotilainen N., Vuori J. AINA 2008 Paper (.pdf), Slides (.ppt)
A Genetic-Neural Approach to Mobility-Assisted Routing in a Mobile Encounter Network Kotilainen N., Kurhinen J. ICITA 2008 Paper (.pdf)
You've Got Photos! The design and evaluation of a location-based media-sharing application Kotilainen N., Papadopouli M. MobiMedia 2008 Paper (.pdf)
Portable Process Control with DynaControl Kotilainen N., Kurhinen J., Hämäläinen T., Luostarinen K. Portable2008 Paper (.pdf)
FINDR: LowCost Indoor Positioning Using FM Radio Papliatseyeu A., Kotilainen N., Mayora O., Osmani V. Mobilware 2009 Paper (.pdf), Slides (.pdf)
Flight Searching — a Comparison of Two UserInterface Design Strategies Pirhonen A., Kotilainen N. HCI International 2009 Paper (.pdf)